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HG Consulting is a Business Corporation with prompt access to a Global Network of Attorneys, Accountants, Auditors and Business Associates in Various Industries, offering A-Z Consulting Services Worldwide. Our Mission is to help People and Businesses find Solutions when facing Financial and Business Challenges and to Diversify Investment Income when flourishing.
​HG Consulting has built a powerful center-of-influence network over the past 25 years, 

Our team of Experts will guide you from start to finish with regards to establishing a Franchise, Restaurant, Call Center, Public Company, Insurance and Real Estate Financing, International Banking Investments or to Restructure Your Business while helping management stabilize finances and operations, as they have extensive first-hand knowledge and experience in each and every one of these fields.   Additionally, if you are experiencing conflicts with partners or shareholders within your business and want to find a quick and easy resolution, our network of professionals can help restore your peace of mind as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.
Foreign Property Acquisitions and International Banking services are a perfect way to expand your Real Estate and Investment Portfolio while simultaneously diversifying and solidifying your personal or commercial cash flow and net worth, not to mention your retirement income and lifestyle.  At HG Consulting we will always strive to resolve your challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our goal is to bring Tranquility, Comfort and Contentment to your Financial and Business State-Of-Mind. 

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
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